There's only one degree of difference between hot water and steam. For Maximum Performance you need to Maintain Your Machine! Check out the following Services:  

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation Services
NMT- Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage. Helps restore muscle tissue balance by enhancing recovery after hard workouts/races; Aids in the restoration of the muscles to full and normal range functions through the use of specific deep tissue massage and range of motion techniques.  We specialize in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, hip/low back pain, ITBand Syndrome, Knee pain, calf strains, and treating neck and shoulder pain. We perform Muscle function assessments and incorporate the use of therapeutic modalities such as sports massage, e-stim, and ultrasound.  

Athletic Performance Programs for Runners and Triathletes
We set up individualized programs for maintaining/improving fitness or for rehab from injury, provide Nutritional counseling with a Registered Dietitian if needed, and have opportunities for Group Workouts for Interval running, Conditioning and Triathlon Cycling training.  

Performance Bike Fit Analysis
CompuTrainer stroke analysis and use of video and laser light measurements provide educational and functional improvements for cyclists to continue to implement into their riding even after the session is completed!  We determine the right frame size, type and proper body positioning based on athlete's flexibility, biomechanical analysis, and performance or comfort goals.    

Wellness Programs and Consulting 
We provide Wellness Coaching for businesses who want to increase their productivity and morale of employees while decreasing their healthcare costs.  We provide Education and Encouragement for participants seeking to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our services include tracking and accountability for participation, information on stress management strategies and nutritional guidelines, individualized training programs for various activities, and various services tailored to meet your unique business needs. Contact us for more information at or 417-597-3157.

Virtual Racing! 
Computerized Indoor Cycling Workouts using the CompuTrainer. Virtual Racing in 3-D indoors when the weather or time makes it tough to train outdoors! Race your budyy, the clock or “Metal Man” whose cadence is like a metronome uphill or downhill! Monitor your improvements based on parameters such as power output, cadence, heart rate, speed! Improve your pedal stroke by using the Spin Scan option to see bar graph and average torque angle representations of your right leg vs. left leg variations and ways to gain power and efficiency! With programmed courses and variations in resistance based on hills you see on the screen, it's like a video game tailor made for cyclists!


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